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Execution Day


Execution Day feature movie demonstrates the process of execution, its rules and other details in the USSR. In the movie, we have shot the prison life of an innocent kolkhoz chairman and the most dangerous offender who is sentenced to execution. In the movie, the offender is not only extremely dangerous but also intelligent as he anticipates that he will be sentenced to execution, therefore he plans few crimes and directs his friends for them. He knows that the one who is sentenced to death cannot communicate with his family, even the information about the execution date or grave of a prisoner is confidential. Afterward, the prisoner talks about recent crimes that are conducted by himself to a chief. Thus, the chief gets suspicious about his employees and allocates the most reliable ones at the cell. But the prisoner gives information about events happening outside every 20 days and the chief keeps believing that his employees pass confidential information to the criminal. He does not know that all crimes have been planned beforehand. Execution Day feature movie is the first movie that shows the process of execution in the USSR and based on actual events.


Ajdar Zeynalov - Ajdar Zeynalov


Director - Jalaladdin Gasimov

Producer - Jalaladdin Gasimov