About Us

Festiflix was created by a small team based in Chandler, Arizona in 2017 and was launched in January 2018. It was created to help support independent filmmakers, especially those who make short films. Filmmakers who create shorts often have an abundance of talent, little to no money to get their shorts made, and they can’t release their films in theaters due to the short length. Festiflix was created with the idea in mind to help short filmmakers and other independent filmmakers earn some money to cover the cost of filmmaking so they can continue to create excellent films in the future.

Festiflix’s goal is to acquire quality films from around the world, especially those on the festival circuit, earning awards. Festival award-winning shorts are often not seen on any other platform, but with Festiflix, these incredible films from different countries and different cultures can be seen by a larger audience from all over.